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During the deionizing process, the DI resin attracts minerals and trace elements of the raw water and binds these to the resin. The anion resin attracts salts. The cation resin attracts chlorides and sulfates. Both attract trace elements of manufacturing processes, such as heavy metals. In days or weeks or sometimes even months of use, depending on the production processes and demineralizing, the resin becomes fouled and no longer capable of deionizing.

If you need Deionized Water for your EDM Wire, WEDM Hole cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Vibratory Finishing, Boiler Water Makeup, Coolant Water Makeup or other manufacturing process call us at 888-771-3336

Bulk Di Resin for EDM

  • Virgin resin in bulk form

  • Exchange and disposal services available.

Di Resin Tank System for EDM

  • Quick setup time

  • Eliminate resin spillage

  • Avoid resin disposal hassles

A hassle-free water de-ionizing system that maximizes the use of the high capacity DI resin contained within while minimizing the setup time required by other systems.

Di resin tank systems that are lightweight, yet strong enough for industrial use. All tanks are available in OEM popular sizes

Complete System (as shown) includes:

  • High Strength, durable and lightweight fiberglass vessel

  • Premium Quality mixed-bed virgin resin

  • Clear plastic pre-filter

  • Two 5 micron replacement filter cartridges

  • Water conductivity light indicator

  • Quick-connect coupling and hoses

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