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EDM Machine Cleaner


(Developed & imported from Switzerland)

Product Description: SAVAN 200 is a very effective acid based machine cleaner specifically developed for cleaning the diamond guides in wire EDM machines. It also cleans the insides of the dielectric tank as well as the machineÕs metallic and ceramic surfaces.

Mineral acids, for example, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid, react easily with metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel. As a result, complex salts develop.

During the wire erosion process capillary fissures form due to local overheating and the structure of the work-piece. After finishing, work-pieces are often washed with cleaners. If you use a regular cleaner which typically contains about 20% phosphoric acid, the acid diffuses into the capillary fissures and reacts with the work-piece to form the complex salts mentioned above. As a result, an inter-crystalline corrosion process starts resulting in shorter tool life, lesser edge strength, and lower precision.

SAVAN 200 was developed to overcome these disadvantages. It contains various organic acids that are commonly used in the food industry. As a result, SAVAN 200 is environmentally sound and fully biodegradable and cannot be disposed easily. Furthermore, they are toxic. SAVAN 200 does not have any of these negative characteristics.

Directions: Apply with a small brush or rag and let immerse. Rinse off with a lot of water, but be careful to keep SAVAN 200 out of the water supply.

Warning: SAVAN 200 is an acid solution. Therefore, do not get in eyes, on skin, or clothing. In case of contact, rinse off thoroughly.

SAVAN 200 is available in 3 liter containers.

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