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edm wire water conductivity meter

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The World's first Waterproof Total Dissolved Solids & Conductivity Testers

edm parts .com proudly presents the NEW Waterproof Total Dissolved Solids and Conductivity testers. The DiST WP pocket-sized testers are constructed in a lightweight, rugged, waterproof housing. Humid environments, accidental spills, or even submersion have no adverse effects on the electronic circuitry of these revolutionary testers.

edm parts felt it was imperative to incorporate an advanced Automatic Temperature Compensation circuit into the DiST WP, simply because the temperature of a solution affects the conductivity by a factor of 2% per degree Centigrade. The compact size and the pocket clip allow DiST WP to be carried anywhere for quick, on-the-spot testing. DiST WP's battery life of 2000 hours enables these testers to be used for an average of 30 minutes per day for over a year before the batteries need replacing!

These easy-to-operate testers have a single ON/OFF push-button, coupled with a clear and easy-to-read LCD. A removable calibration tool is provided for fast and accurate one point calibration. All of these features, along with affordable pricing, make DiST WP the greatest value on the market today!

DiST 3 WP is ideal for:

  • Testing Water Conductivity in EDM applications

  • Water treatment (softener, demineralization, reverse osmosis, drinking water)

  • Fish farming and aquariums

  • Pollution control and printing


Check these FEATURES:

  • Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation

  • Rugged construction ideal for harsh industrial environments

  • Pocket clip for easy transport (shirt pocket or belt)

  • 200 hours battery life for long trouble-free operation



Range  |  1990 µS/cm

Resolution  |  10 µS/cm

Accuracy  |  ±2% Full Scale

Typical EMC Deviation  |  ±1% Full Scale

Operating Temperature  |  From 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

Temperature Compensation  |  Automatic from 5 to 50°C (41 to 122°F) with a 2% coefficient

Battery Life  |  200 hours of continuous use

Dimension  |  142(L) x 29(W) x 24(H) mm; (5.6 x 1.2 x 0.6")

Weight  |  91 g; 3.2 oz.

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