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EDM Wire Chopper for Mitsubishi

Has this happened to you?

The customer needs the job yesterday so you know you're under the gun. You let it burn overnight, expecting it to be finished in the morning for a great turnaround time....WHAT? ... a blown fuse, because your OEM chopper JAMMED!

Our Chopper will pay for itself in one burn just by knowing you won't have a jammed wire chopper the next morning.  It's simply the best EDM wire cutter on the market for a Mitsubishi EDM machine

Reversible/Moveable Carbide inserts allow you to change positions 4 times, up to 16 times on the fixed cutter.

Integrated flywheel virtually eliminates jamming.

Replaceable inserts make the unit serviceable, not disposable.

The innovative design incorporates improvements that save you money and make you money by eliminating downtime.


We also carry all Mitsubishi wire chopper parts

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