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Rust Inhibitor for EDM

SAVAN RVH-600 rust inhibitor was developed especially for use in water in wire EDM machines. This corrosion preventing agent has proved itself with outstanding results in the market since 1994.

Various tests have shown that the addition of SAVAN RVH-600 to the dielectric water considerably delays the corrosion of steel and other metals especially when the work-piece has to remain in water for a long period of time and also does not affect the conductivity of the dielectric water. In addition, the wire EDM machine components are also treated while using this product, which means that any corrosive particles can no longer settle, thus making machine cleaning and maintenance an easier task.


SAVAN RVH-600 rust inhibitor is a non-toxic agent and does not contain any nitrites, aldehydes, amines, phenols or any phosphorous compounds. It does not have any detrimental dermatological effects and is 100% degradable. Since this additive is non-toxic, it can be safely disposed of in the drainage system.

Mix ratio:

The product is used in a 5% solution, i.e. 5 liters of RVH600 to 1000 liters of water ( 1 gallon RVH-600: 200 gallons of water).

Physical Characteristics:

  • pH value of a 2% solution : 6

  • Conductivity: Identical to distilled water

  • Foaming: none

  • Biological: 100% decomposable

  • Interaction with ion -exchange resin : small

  • Toxicity: Non-toxic

  • Storage: +10°C -50

  • Packaging: RVH-600 is available in 1 gallon plastic jugs or 5 gallon plastic pails.

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