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Premium EDM Filters

Highest quality EDM filters for all machines.

The dielectric fluids used in die-sinking and wire machines need to be free of particles during the erosion process. Filter elements with a large surface filtration area and an appropriate media filtration rating are required to ensure high efficiency and a large dirt-holding capacity which result in a long filter life.

The filter cartridges offered by for both wire and die-sinking EDM machines are designed to meet or exceed the OEM filter cartridges. A variety of filter cartridges from leading filter manufacturers are in stock for immediate shipment.

We carry EDM filters for Agie, Fanuc, Brother, Makino, Hitachi, Mitsubishi,  Seibu, Sodick, Charmilles, Chmer, and Japax EDM machines.

Note: If you are looking for a specific EDM filter, please contact edm parts at 888-771-3336.  New filters are added continuously.

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