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edm dielectric oil & fluids

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Rustlick EDM Dielectric Oil 

edm parts .com is proud to provide the finest dielectric fluids currently available for all your manufacturing needs.

Rustlick EDM-500

High Performance Dielectric Oil

A synthetic transparent fluorescent green dielectric fluid formulated from base chemicals so highly refined and purified that additional additives are not necessary. EDM-500's cosmetic-grade chemical formulation virtually eliminates skin irritation during use. Resists thermal degradation from high-amperage applications (withstands up to 400 amps) and offers the highest known dielectric strength of any commercially available EDM fluid. EDM-500 can be used with all types of filters; including: paper cartridge, diatomaceous earth, and edge wafer disposable cartridges.

Rustlick EDM-250

Dielectric Oil

Designed to resist thermal degradation from high-amperage applications, EDM-250 is the longest-lasting dielectric oil available - often lasting up to 3 years or more. It has low viscosity for excellent flushing and finishing and prevents the clogging of diatomaceous earth and edge-wafer disposable cartridge filters. EDM-250 eliminates the smoke and odor associated with cheaper, less-refined oils.

Rustlick EDM-30

Dielectric Oil

A high-quality oil, EDM-30's low viscosity allows for fast settling and simplified purification. This yields higher quality finishes. EDM-30 eliminates smoke and odor and is designed for paper cartridge filtration up to 150 amps.

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Rustlic EDM Dielectric Oil Specifications

EDM 30

EDM 250

EDM 500

Specific Gravity:





Clear to light yellow low viscosity fluid

Clear to light yellow low viscosity liquid

Fluorescent yellow-green low viscosity fluid


6.85 lbs./gallon

6.4 lbs./gallon

6.7 lbs./gallon


31 SSU (100°F)

30 SSU (100°F)

2.5 centistokes @ 25°C (70°F)

36.5 SUS @ 100°F (38°C)

EDM 30

EDM 250

EDM 500

Total Chlorine:




VOC Level:




Flash Point:



241°F, COC (116°C)

Boiling Point:




Petroleum Distillates:




IonoPlus® EDM Dielectric Fluids

IonoPlus®  IME-MH
The first dielectric with the plus of satellite electrodes

Powerful advantages for spark erosion:

  • Greater efficiency in metal removal.
    The time needed to build an ionization bridge is substantially reduced

  • Greater resistance to electrode wear.
    Macromolecules surround the electrode like a protective grid.

  • Improved surface quality.
    Satellite electrodes bring about an optimal distribution of discharges.

  • Shining results in the polishing process.
    Within a minimum amount of time a surface roughness of less than 0,1 µ can be achieved.

  • Best possible dispersing capacity
    Swift dispersion of waste particles helps actively to prevent burn spots from forming.

After long years of research OEL HELD introduces an entirely new, powerful concept into dielectrics: IonoPlus® IME-MH.

Unlike the conventional mineral oil products, this combination of highly refined synthetic products is enriched with satellite electrodes in a special blending process.

As a truly universal dielectric, IonoPlus® IME-MH is suited for all operations from the finest finishing processes to the most effective rough cut. Besides having the best possible effectiveness in flushing and the greatest possible disruptive strength it offers a whole series of unique advantages.

IonoPlus® dielectric IME-MH has been thoroughly tested by the Institute for Research and Control of Work Materials in Baden-Württemberg in respect to operational safety and industrial hygiene. Toxic or allergic symptoms cannot occur during use. A tolderance limit in the air surrounding the place of work (MAK value) is not reached. IonoPlus® dielectric IME-MH can be used in all conventional filter plants. The regulations for flammable liquids (VbF) do not apply to IonoPlus® dielectric IME-MH.

IonoPlus® IME-MH is a product of OEL-HELD GmbH,
Mineraloelwerk, D-70188 Stuttgart/Germany.

dielectric fluid.jpg

Density at 15ºC


DIN 51757

Viscosity at 40ºC

2,8 cSt

DIN 53015



DIN ISO 3016

Flash point


DIN 51758

Aromatic content

< 0,01

DIN 51378

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