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Belts for EDM machines

All belts used for wire transport, brake, and wire evacuation, threading, and spool drive must be of the highest quality to reduce downtime. These belts are designed for optimum belt friction and high-temperature resistance in order to facilitate continuous operation. Belts offered by are manufactured of Habasit and Gates rubber high-grade material to provide excellent longitudinal and dimensional stability resulting in superior performance.

Things to watch for when purchasing belts:

  • Precise dimensions

  • Endless belts must be seemed with a minimum overlap

  • Smooth edge and conductive nature prevent electrostatic loading limiting the attraction of fiber dust.

  • Appropriate packaging to ensure that belts are not dry which will result in cracking.

Note: If the belts you are looking for is not listed in the chart, please contact us and provide us with the OEM P/N. New belts are always added to our product line.

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